Sustainability &
Corporate Responsibility


Be One worked with Lamin-Art to exhibit the company’s actions to protect the environment including eco-friendly materials, hybrid vehicle transportation, and redesigned sample packaging and literature. Be One developed the visual identity, “Eco-Enable.” Following the development of this visual identity, Be One created print ads, online ads, and updated the landing page of Lamin-Art’s website to provide detailed information on their green initiatives. This information was presented in the form of a letter from President and CEO.

Design friendly,
environmentally friendly

Be One developed a story for Venner-Art to highlight enviromental benefits of pre-finished surface. To communicate to specifiers that using Veneer-Art is a more sustainable and economical way to create warm, comforting environments, Be One created traditional and digital marketing materials. No VOCs are released in the shop or at the installation site, and Veneer-Art helps to save on finishing costs. Plus, it can be installed with eco-friendly substrates and adhesives.

Realistic interpretations of nature

Be One created several introductions for Premium Wood Prints collection for Lamin-Art. The company is taking a great pride in offering realistic looking paper-based alternatives to rainforest timbers and tropical hardwoods, and we make it a priority that decorative and kraft papers be sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Premium Wood Prints collection offers
an access to an array of domestic and exotic wood species that are either no longer available in real wood veneers, extremely difficult or detrimental to source or too cost-prohibitive to use.