Trade Shows strategy & Activation

Since 2007 Lamin-Art was working with Be One to elevate the brand through more sophisticated marketing
communications. Using trade shows as one of the
channels to attract specifiers, Be One supported the client to organize, design, manage and conduct follow-up
activity at trade shows, including:

  • Hospitality Design
  • Neocon
  • Global Shop
  • IIDEX Canada
  • Awi Annual Convention
  • Healthcare Design Conference
  • Bank Facilities Forum / Restaurant Facilities Forum
  • HDExpo
  • Woodworking Show
  • Regional Trade Shows

Driving Interest

Be One focused our efforts on creating plans for trade shows that would attract specifiers to Lamin-Art’s booth and its new products. This takes an integrated effort from logistics including booth design and production, technology selection, event coordination and sales team training, to carefully crafted strategy to promote the brand before, during and after a trade show.

Brand Activation Campaigns

Be One implemented pre-show marketing campaigns to create awareness and set the tone for brand presence at each trade show. Be One developed and executed creative onsite promotions and contests to provide opportunities for engagement and differentiation of Lamin-Art, along with lead qualification and outbound marketing campaigns after the show to maximize reach and exposure.

PR & Social Media

Be One generated press releases to promote client attendance at each trade show, and created media kits and facilitated interviews with press during each trade show. Social media activation highlighted brand presence and media exposure throughout each trade show.

Event Sponsorship & Product Placement

Be One coordinated high-profile event sponsorships and participation from key industry stakeholders. Be One facilitated product placement at industry events and trade shows to increase visibility and maximized sponsorship ROI by establishing and exceeding lead generation goals.