Repositioned the company from a product-centric organization to a partner-centric design innovator of premium high-pressure laminates and veneers. With the new vision, drive, and structure, Be One helped Lamin-Art to develop the exclusive, yet versatile product launches that inspired specifiers and fabricators to supersede traditional perceptions of how HPL can be used to create truly unique interior spaces. We implemented:

  • Market research
  • Brand positioning
  • Branding
  • Creative execution

As a result, Lamin-Art was perceived as the source of innovating inspiration in commercial design.

Website Design & Development

Be One transformed Lamin-Art’s presence online by making it easy for specifiers to find the information they were looking for by carefully crafting a digital strategy, UX/UI, copy and design. The end result was a website delivering on lead generation capabilities integrated with Salesforce and e-commerce platform for samples ordering.

Content Marketing

We developed highly relevant content to educate and engage interior designers, architects, and fabricators about new trends and products utilizing case studies, CEUs, and white papers. Our team helped Lamin-Art to channel content through offline and online touch points.

As a result we generated an ongoing business development pipeline.

National Accounts

Who wouldn’t want repetitive business? Lamin-Art recognized the importance of national accounts for this purpose. Be One developed an outreach program to help Lamin-Art’s sales team get in front of decision makers by putting together the right marketing package to get their attention.

Case studies

Show, don’t tell. Specifiers want inspiration and they want to see the business case. With this in mind, we helped Lamin-Art to vastly expand its library of case studies by working with the sales team to identify new projects early on and engaging them to help us interview decision makers so Be One could tell a story. We talked to specifiers and put together case studies for healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, financial and other verticals.

Direct Marketing

Appealing to the A&D community preference to touch and feel new products, Be One developed a direct marketing program consisting of traditional direct mail and email marketing achieving as high as 30% conversions for some campaigns. A highly targeted approach was employed to communicate with specifiers across different verticals.

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Sustainability

Salesforce Integration

Be One made it possible for Lamin-Art to implement Salesforce CRM system within 6 months by dedicating a diverse team of professionals to make this transition possible. We took the initiative to design and set up lead management functions to follow the status of leads, track performance of all marketing campaigns online and offline, and create a dashboard of media placements.

New Product Introductions

We worked with Lamin-Art to bring four new product introductions to market annually.

Be One was tasked with developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns promoting the launch of Lamin-Art’s new products to the A&D industry. Be One conducted market research to discover Lamin-Art’s unique selling points and develop creative messaging that would work across all platforms. For example, the popular Wood Grain collection was promoted through a development of comprehensive sampling materials, catalog, dedicated digital assets, case studies and the Biofilia CEU.

Expanding Product Lines

To promote emerging product lines Be One developed a completely integrated campaign, which positioned new lines independently of traditional laminates and veneers.

Be One helped Lamin Art to expand its offering into new collections like Metal-Art™. Simple metals take on new beauty through innovative design and large-scale dimensionality. The campaign we developed inspired architects and designers to create spaces that shine.

Our creative execution including surveys with specifiers to figure out which designs click, creative brief development to define the right messaging, a photo shoot direction and execution, direct mail, email and other tactics build on a distinctive large-scale architectural design motifs add textural drama to a designated interior space or application.

Outsourcing Marketing Department

We enabled Lamin-Art to maintain lean internal marketing operations by dedicating a team of strategists, copywriters, designers, direct marketing, and CRM professionals to manage all aspects of online and offline marketing making it possible for Lamin-Art to compete with big market players.

Sampling Materials

To competitively position Lamin-Art against competition we evolved their sampling tools to make it easy for specifiers to find the right sample for their project. We’ve done it all: architectural folders, chips, chains, walls and more.