Encompass Audio Visual

Goal: Launch a new website and strategic brand that helps a hungry, technically deep company win business from complacent incumbents.
It was readily apparent in early conversations with Encompass Audio Visual’s founding team that they had all the tools to hit their mark: Winning bigger contracts for design, wiring and buildout of commercial-grade IT and AV systems.
What they didn’t have? A brash brand that could cut through the clutter and distinguish them from the slow-moving, business-as-usual competitors who couldn’t hold a candle to EAV’s near-maniacal focus on cutting-edge wiring design and extremely responsive execution in a space where delays, overruns and broken promises are practically wallpaper.
Simplifying the Branding Puzzle
A survey of the competitive niche—and getting to know the bravura “conquer it all” ethos of the founding team—revealed a dearth of personality, voice or even strong value propositions in the space.
It would be easy to stand out in this crowd, but the base positioning had to thread the needle between IT capability and cutting-edge thinking while at the same time including enough common identifiers that would let prospects immediately grasp EAV’s market space. Things got confusing when the message strayed from standard industry talk. Plus, few people in charge of large commercial builds want to be a testing laboratory. We had to effectively split the difference between “cutting edge” and “dependable as a clock,” all while delivering a strong value proposition that would make sense to referring partners (GCs, architects) and project managers/financiers.
Throwing Down the Gauntlet With a Brand-Defining Guarantee
Rebranding exercises are just word and logo games if there isn’t a defensible operational element. If you truly have a unique market position—as EAV does—then you should be able to make a promise to the marketplace that nobody else can make or keep.
After careful consideration about what could be operationally supported, The EAV Pledge was born:
This encapsulated EAV’s boldness and ambition, giving new prospects a reason to consider someone other than the same people they get bids from year in and year out.
Packaging the Message in an Elevated New Website
Using our foundational strategy work as a guide, we delivered a sleek new look, new iconography and a more intuitive way to grasp the breadth and depth of EAV’s services.
This also included the development of new case studies, where thrilled clients told their story to the marketplace for the first time: