Creating Differentiation In The Office Furniture Niche

The “Made in LA” campaign, led by DeskMakers, aligns the brand with LA’s creative legacy, spotlighting authenticity and ingenuity in DeskMakers’ products. It aims to boost leads, web traffic, and brand awareness through strategic planning and execution.

Strategy and Activation

Led by Be One Marketing’s expertise, the “Made in LA” campaign unfolded strategically, captivating audiences through compelling storytelling and leveraging partnerships.

At its core, the campaign showcased DeskMakers’ diverse product range, each piece reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit. With expertly crafted digital and physical touchpoints, the campaign engaged audiences on multiple levels, conveying DeskMakers as more than a furniture provider—it’s a lifestyle choice.

Recommended Touchpoints

In the “Made in LA” campaign, each touchpoint was a chance to captivate and engage. Be One Marketing used digital platforms, social media, and strategic partnerships with local publishers to share bold imagery and interactive experiences that resonate with Los Angeles residents.

Success Metrics

As the campaign progressed, Be One Marketing used robust success metrics to guide DeskMakers toward success by tracking engagement, website traffic, and lead generation. With Be One Marketing’s expertise, the “Made in LA” campaign captures attention and solidifies DeskMakers’ reputation as a pioneer in design and innovation.