Going Beyond the Surface.

Caesarstone is the original quartz surface manufacturer. Be One was tasked with the challenge to take a well known brand and improve their marketing and social media communication, increase sales in US market, expand footprint across all channels, and increase engagement with target audiences.

From comprehensive communication programs, UX/UI and print design, to new products lunch, influencers partnerships, social media and lead generation campaigns, and everything in between, we help Caesarstone to
connect with the end consumers and trade partners.

Creative vision

Be One helped Caesarstone to define and implement their vision of giving consumers, architects and designers the power to transform the everyday into the extraordinary. When addressing tough design challenges, the results are always innovative, functional applications that exemplify smart design. Ultimately, it is what architects and designers do with the surface that confirms Caesarstone’s position as a creator of world-class material and a quartz category leader.

Social media strategy

Through a combination of creative strategy and data analysis, we evaluated what the audience was craving and delivered the right messages at the right times to the right social platform. With creative content, event promotions, contests, interactive games, real-time interaction, blogs, influencer outreach, advocacy campaigns and all-around engaging content, we managed to make Caesarstone US the most talked about quartz surfacing company on social media today.

Influencer program

Be One created the influencer Program for Caesarstone. Be One is carefully selecting partners, influencers, celebrities, and ambassadors to promote Caesarstone products. The strategy for the program is to leverage authority voices withing the industry, expand library of assets, and increase brand awareness among consumers and A/D audience.

New product introduction

Be One assists Caesarstone with new product Introductions strategy, digital and social media campaigns, creative execution and communication. Be One helps to launch events and programs to support Caesarstone new colors promotions for trade partners and homeowners.

The interior collective

Be One is establishing Caesarstone as an expert in design industry by creating, publishing, and promoting long-form content and collaborating with industry professionals.
Topics include Designer Spotlights, House Tours, Kitchen Reveals, DIY + How To’s, Event Recaps, and Promotions.

Coloring Outside the lines

Be One joined Caesarstone at KBIS trade show that showcased their newest colors in a cozy environment. With a plethora of HGTV stars, design celebrities, and renown chefs speaking in the Caesarstone booth, Be One Brand leveraged Social media and contests to expand their reach beyond the event and support the Caesarstone brand as a whole.

To fully activate social media and generate booth buzz, Be One Brand created a custom Caesarstone coloring book for all ages, promoting multiple designer partners and showcasing numerous Caesarstone products.

Big box retailer programs

Be One is supporting Caesarstone initiatives and marketing program in IKEA, Home Depot and Lowe’s by creating, designing and developing print and digital materials, mood boards, and email campaigns.

A/D Specific programs

Be One is assisting Caesarstone with creating specific presentations, brochures, marketing materials and events support for the trade audience. To be an innovator in the surface industry is to constantly push the boundaries. Utilizing latest technology, fresh ideas and trends to create outstanding products.