AV8USA, a turnkey solution provider of private aircrafts to national and international buyers, turned to Be One to grow their business with potential clients who are on the market to own an aircraft.


USA, China

Target Audience

Airplane Owners


Our team developed recommendations on how to position the company to win trust with highly affluent clientele. In addition we developed a communications platform to overcome two major challenges:
1. Built awareness and credibility.
2. Competitive advantage. We have delivered the following tools, to help our clients to successfully win over clients.
3. Helped client flush out their business model and identify competitive traits.
4. Developed brand positioning and messaging platform
5. Developed a tagline
6. Developed a key message
7. Defined and preauthorized their target audience as being either aviation enthusiasts or see owning an aircraft as a status symbol
8. Bilingual English and Chinese Website design and development.